Conceived in dreams and born out of love, MOON DUNE sits aloft a dynamic sand dune on the brilliant shores of Lake Tahoe. Created in the 1930s under the direction of Will and Lil, and crafted by the children, the Washoe Indians, and themselves, MOON DUNE began its life after the ten year gathering of stones, crystals, marble, and multi-colored rocks from the deserts and mountains of the West to the salted banks of Utah and the mysteries of Italy. Knotted wood from the Pines embellishes the walls. The ceiling steers light from the wheel and lanterns of an ancient schooner older than the century is long, and perhaps sailed by a black-eyed pirate run aground. Balconies and stone decks allow meditative thought, and the views of the mountains and the waters are sublime.

Quaint and alive, MOON DUNE offers dreams and serenity to be yours when the rustic part of you is calling for comfort and adventure.